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Retirement Consists of More than Financial Planning

By Chad Chandler | | 0

Financial planning is an important part of your coming retirement, especially if you are a business owner. Having enough money can be easy to achieve if you follow a sensible investment plan, especially if it's developed by us. But a successful retirement involves far more than money. Here are a few tips for turning your post-work years into the best years of your life.

  • Check with Your Partner. If you're involved with someone else, then you must bring him or her into your planning, if only because you'll be together more often. You may have dreams of traveling the world in your golden years while your significant other wants to spend a quiet life in a small town. Discuss what your ideas of an ideal retirement and be prepared to compromise so you both get what you want.
  • Look for Activities That Fire All Your Cylinders. Many retirees dream of pursuing their leisure-time activities full-time but reality may not match the dream. While fishing every Saturday may have been relaxing, doing it everyday may prove to be boring. Work kept you occupied because it allowed you to use all your abilities. So look for activities that can relax you but also involve your intellect, physical, creative, social, and spiritual sides. For example, learning a new skill, such as a foreign language, painting, or musical instrument requires that you use all your faculties.
  • Improve Someone's Life. If you want a fulfilling retirement, spend it improving somebody's else's life. Among other activities, you can develop and run a worthwhile charity, mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs, or coach a sports team. Helping someone else fulfill their goals is far more fulfilling than simply pursuing selfish pleasures.

If you need more information on planning for both the monetary and non-financial sides of retirement, please contact us.

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