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How to Find a Good CPA | Chandler & Knowles

By Chad Chandler | | 0

Finding a good CPA for tax preparation or small business affairs can be a challenge and you may be looking for the wrong qualifications when making your final decision. If you are seeking help with your taxes, financial planning, small business or more, make sure you Its best to determine up front what other questions you might have about your business such as

  • Do you want help improving your cash flow?
  • Are you looking or guidance applying for a loan?
  • Is financial planning related to you business important?

Knowing what you want and what to look for is a good start to finding get the best services available. Find out the top considerations you should have prior to finding a good CPA to work with from the professionals at Chandler & Knowles:

You should hire a CPA when your concerns extend beyond tax deductions. Tax law is flexible and complicated, and the right  CPA will advise on tax planning, estate/trust/gift planning, business planning, and can represent you in the event of an audit. Some helpful tips to increase your chances for finding a good cpa for you needs include

  1. Get Referrals
    1. Referrals should be your starting point. Find out why clients like their CPA.
  2. Study the Firm’s Website
    1. The website can tell you a lot about any company. Look to see how many difference servies the firm offers, if they put out educational and informatives blogs, or if they list testimonials or case studies! It's always in good practice to read testimonials or reviews to get a feel for how other users feel about working with different firms. Just remember to take each review with a grain of salt!
  3. Interview
    1. Don’t be afraid to test our a firm. Set up a meeting time to get a feel for the team you’ll be working with.  See if its a good fit for the needs of your business.

Get the help you need from the professionals at Chandler & Knowles CPAs and find out why we're the experts when it comes to your tax planning and preparation, financial planning, risk management, business consulting, payroll administration, and so much more. Contact us today by calling us at (817) 430-3000 or by filling out our online form to make your appointment at our Flower Mound location.

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